Top Saxophone Solos on Youtube

These are some of the solos that I feel standout.

Joshua Redman vs James Carter Live At Carnegie Hall

I chose this video because it really highlights both players in a unique way. After each saxophonist takes a solo, they come together trading choruses in which later turns into a saxophone battle. Joshua Redman and James Carter both play brilliantly together. You can really hear both musicians listening and playing off each other. Towards the end, the band drops out and the two saxophonists carry the rhythm and energy effortlessly.  This is where the unique creativity of both musicians explode.  I feel that these moments are what jazz musicians strive for and what jazz listeners really enjoy.

Joe Lovano and Miguel Zenon on “Union”

This is another magical moment where Joe Lovano and Miguel Zenon battle off on a song called “Union”. In this song, there is a saxophone break where Lovano and Zenon play off each other. Lovano starts off with a catchy rhythmic phrase in which is later accompanied by Zenon with a counter rhythmic melody. After about a minute, Lovano and Zenon begin to break away and play more freely. This amazes me because each player keeps a sense of time. Towards the end, there is a part where Joe Lovano and Miguel Zenon end their phrases at the same time, starting back again with that catchy rhythmic melody.

Jacques Scwarzbart on “Forget Regret”

Now I know this solo may cause some people’s ears to bleed but I find a certain charm in Jacques Scwarzbart’s playing. Starting off with a couple of ideas, Scwarzbart plays very sparingly. After about a minute, he begins to build up the energy by adding harmonic runs and chromatic lines. It later turns into an energy powerhouse as Scwarzbart enters into his altissimo range. I find this extremely musical in a unique way. I enjoy when musicians can tell a story when they play. A story that starts off with low energy and builds to a climactic point where the energy reaches to its greatest potential.

Joshua Redman on Kurt Rosenwinkel’s composition “The Next Step”

This is another solo by Joshua Redman that really stands out to me. After the long guitar solo, Joshua Redman enters with a simple idea that he builds off from. This really highlights Redman’s ability to play the full range of his horn. Jumping from high to low, he shows a different style than he normally is found playing. I love how he approaches this solo with a unique harmonic and melodic perspective.

If you found another saxophone solo in which you feel really stands out on youtube, comment on this post. Make sure to include the video link and why you think it is unique.