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Ian Lyndon Fong


Ian Fong is a creative, passionate musician who thrives to explore jazz with a new perspective. Born and raised in the Bay Area, he was introduced to a variety of music at such a young age. He started playing the alto saxophone when he was 9 years old and later switched to tenor saxophone 3 years later. It was not until 8th grade that he experienced his love for jazz. Auditioning and joining his schools jazz band, Ian began exploring the world of improvisation. His early and continuing influences include John Coltrane, Joshua Redman, Coleman Hawkins, Hank Mobley, Joe Lovano, and Wayne Shorter.

In his early high school career, Ian Fong attended various summer music camps like the San Jose Jazz Camp and the Stanford Jazz Workshop. There, he was taught by well-known musicians who challenged him to develop his own sound. This created a deep passion for jazz. Since then, Ian Fong has tried to expand his musical boundaries and incorporate a new artistic approach to such a traditional form of music. Starting various groups like his first combo Impressions has helped him to grow as a musician and understand his role as a band leader, group member, and artist. He has played with artists such as Kristen Strom, Dave Gregoric, and Pete Escovedo and has been a member of the San Jose Jazz High School All-Star Band and Latin Ensemble.

Currently, Ian Lyndon is a dedicated member of the award-winning Valley Christian High School Jazz Ensemble under the direction of Dave Gregoric. This group has played and competed in many festivals including the Folsom Jazz Festival, Reno Jazz Festival, and the Next Generation Jazz Festival. Among these high school jazz competitions, the Valley Christian Jazz Ensemble has played at the San Jose Jazz Festival and the Monterey Jazz Festival (after winning 3rd place in the Next Generation Jazz Festival). This talented group of musicians has explored many different styles of jazz including Latin and modern jazz.

Ian Lyndon

In addition, he is a part of the Valley Christian Jazz Combo. This group is composed of unique musicians who bring in their own compositions and arrangements of jazz standards and music. Over the past few years, Ian Lyndon has recorded his first song, an arrangement of Two Heads One Pillow by Gerald Clayton. This piece incorporates a hip-hop feel with a harmonic melody. The song starts off with the saxophone and piano playing a unison line. It later progresses into a complex rhythmic feel as each musician communicates to create an overall organic sound.

Ian Fong continues to write and arrange for his current music group. Always keeping in mind his passion for music, he persists to create music that explores the connection between rhythmic and harmonic melodies, soul and sound, passion and musical abilities.

Artist Website: www.wix.com/ianfong/jazz

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4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Ian,

    Thanks for checking out The Jazz Post! I got a chance to look around your blog as well and I’ve enjoyed it very much. I’m also sure that we’ve been at many of the same jazz festivals in the last few years since we both attend schools in the Southern California/Los Angeles area. In any case, keep on writing and maybe I’ll run into you at some point (especially if your school is heading to Reno this year).


    • Thanks! I am pretty new to blogging but so far I am finding it very enjoyable. Unfortunately, my school is not going to Reno this year. We are, however, planning on participating in the Next Generation Monterey Jazz Festival and possibly the Essentially Ellington competition. I noticed that you were one of the finalist in the Essentially Ellington Writing Contest. Is your school planning on auditioning for that competition?


  2. We were at the Next Gen festival last year, but I’m not sure if we’re headed there this year. Too bad I won’t run into you at Reno! However, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen your school on some score board lists at the various competitions I go to with my school, so I’m sure I’ll be able to catch your band perform. I don’t think we’ll be doing Essentially Ellington either — but I had a great time with that essay competition with JALC last year. In any case, I guess I’ll run into you soon!


    • The Next Generation is such an awesome festival. I love the atmosphere and the bands that play there are really happening. Did you have a chance to check out some of the bands last year at the festival? I think last year we were the first to play but two years ago we were fortunate to play at the Monterey Jazz Festival which was a great experience cause we were able to hang out backstage with a lot of the artists.

      The essentially ellington band competition is really competitive but it seems like a lot of fun since it is in NY.

      Well, Im looking forward to meeting you and seeing your band sometime!

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