Free Online Saxophone Lessons:

Matt Otto WebsiteMy teacher recently showed me this website about a year ago. Matt Otto is a prominent tenor saxophonist in the Los Angeles and New York jazz scene. His playing includes  a unique harmonic approach and explores the full range of his horn. With a dark full rich tone, Matt Otto has played with artists such as Eric Harland, Jimmy Smith, Albert “Tootie” Heath, Gregory Hutchinson, Charlie Haden, Ari Hoenig, Larry Goldings, and many more. is a site that gives you free access to saxophone lessons. For every lesson, there is a video and a PDF file that coordinates with the lesson. I highly recommend you check out this site because of all the valuable resources made available for free. Follow the link below to check out I have also included some of the online lessons below.


Embellished Triad

ii-V-i Harmonic Minor

Rhythm Changes Etude


3 thoughts on “Free Online Saxophone Lessons:

  1. Hi, thanks for your help. I am a visual learner. I have a learning difficulty when someone explains how to do something rather than showing how that something is done. In this case, I learn very quickly when I see someone playing various scales and showing slowly where each finger position is to be and whether or not the octave key is used. Have you done this or do you know someone who has? Sadly I cannot afford a tutor on this but, really want to improve my saxophone playing. Thank you.

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