Taylor Eigsti

Album Name: Daylight at Midnight


piano, keyboards- Taylor Eigsti

vocals- Becca Stevens

acoustic & electric bass- Harish Raghavan

drums- Eric Harland

guitar- Julian Lage

Record Label: Concord Jazz

Audio Samples:



The Art Teacher

The Water

Pink Moon

Little Bird


Midnight After Noon

Taylor Eigsti: About “Daylight at Midnight”


2 thoughts on “Taylor Eigsti

    • Wow! I am honored to hear that my website has given you some ideas! Thanks for stopping by and checking it out!

      I developed this website with the help of wordpress. They have basic templates that I can work and edit. They also have certain built in widgets that I can use on the sidebar and throughout the website. Other then that, I created the layout of the website, the banner, the different integration of media, and how it is formated. I also had prior basic html knowledge which helped me to add certain features to this website.

      Thanks again for checking out “Jazz in Perspective” and good luck on your website!

      Ian Lyndon

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