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Word from the Wise: Joshua Redman, A True Jazz Musician

photo courtesy of Michael Wilson

Trying to strive to become a better true musician has always been my goal as a jazz artist. I am continuously searching to how I can approach jazz and improvisation whether it be through looking at it from a different perspective or trying to view it from a more abstract understanding. The question that seems to question many musicians is how do we develop our own perspective and own style. As a musician who does not focus solely on the technical aspect of my playing, I find developing my own style and approach to jazz has been influenced by studying how other people perceive music. Two months ago, Joshua Redman, the 2011 artist-in-residence for the Monterey Jazz Festival, gave a clinic at the annual Next Generation Jazz Festival—a jazz festival that gathers the top junior high school, high school, and college big band, combos, and vocal ensembles from around the world to play and compete. Since 2004, this festival has brought musicians like Dianna Reeves, Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Orchestra, Christian Mcbride, Terence Blanchard, Kurt Elling, Branford Marsalis, and Regina Carter. As an artist-in-residence, Redman will act as a clinician, mentor, and featured performer at the 54th Monterey Jazz Festival. He will also perform with the Next Generation Jazz Orchestra—an auditioned ensemble consisting of the top high school musicians—in September.

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